IPAC Newsletter 5th March 2021

IPAC Global
IPAC co-chairs were delighted to host Joseph Wu, the Foreign Minister of Taiwan, this week for a briefing followed by discussion. IPAC looks forward to deepening its friendship and partnership with Taiwan as it comes under increasing pressure from Beijing. 

Earlier in the week IPAC issued a statement in response to new evidence of coercive labour transfer schemes in Xinjiang, including attempts to forcibly uproot, assimilate and reduce the population density of Uyghurs in the region. The statement called for domestic and international avenues for legal investigations into alleged genocide and crimes against humanity taking place in the region.

IPAC co-chairs Els Van Hoof MP and Samuel Cogolati MP questioned Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès on the government’s response to the human rights crisis in Xinjiang, calling for the government to push for the use of the EU’s human rights sanctions regime and issue a genocide declaration respectively.

IPAC members André Gattolin, OlivierCadic and André Vallini met with Taiwan Ambassador to France François Wu. The Senators voiced their support for Taiwan’s participation in the WHO, INTERPOL and other multilateral organisations.

Ireland’s Oireachtas has become the 20th legislature represented in IPAC, with over 200 parliamentarians now members of the Alliance. The Irish chapter is led by co-chairs Senator Malcolm Byrne and Senator Barry Ward, who announced the launch in an article for the Business Post