Rep. Oh Yeong-hwan

Oh Yeong-hwan is a South Korean firefighter, essayist, and politician, initially began his career as a military firefighter. Later in 2010, he transitioned to become a civilian firefighter in Seoul. Upon concluding his service in the fire department in 2019, he was named as a candidate for the Democratic party, eventually becoming a member of […]

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Rep. Ji Seong-ho

Ji Seong-ho is a South Korean politician, a member of the National Assembly as a member of the People Power Party. Born in North Korea in 1982, he defected to South Korea in 2006. In South Korea, he actively engaged in raising awareness about the situation in North Korea, and offered support to other defectors. […]

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Rep. Gen Nakatani

Gen Nakatani (中谷 元) served as Director General of the Japan Defence Agency in 2001 to 2002, then Minister of Defence in 2014 to 2016. He was the Special Advisor to the Prime Minister for international human rights issues. […]

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