Strengthening Democracies Internationally


Statement on sanctions issued on UK members

Statement of support for IPAC members Uffe Elbæk MP and Katarina Ammitzbøll MP

Statement on Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly and World Health Organization

Statement of solidarity with the Australian people amidst intimidation from the People’s Republic of China

Campaign Highlights

  • Engagement with Taiwan. IPAC led a global campaign to include Taiwan in the World Health Assembly, gaining global media attention and drawing thanks from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. IPAC has hosted briefings for IPAC Co-Chairs with Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu and members formed part of a parliamentary delegation to Taiwan.

  • Solidarity with Australia. IPAC members globally have led calls for democratic states to stand in solidarity with Australia as it withstands increasing pressure and coercive diplomacy from the Chinese government. IPAC coordinated joint petitions to the foreign ministers of nine countries and launched a social media campaign in support of the Australian wine industry covered in media outlets globally.

  • Reducing Strategic Dependency on China. IPAC is undertaking research to identify key imports for which democratic countries are dependent on China. IPAC members have led calls for diversifying supply chains away from China and are acting to strengthen foreign investment screening legislation in the UK and EU. A motion proposed by IPAC members to block bids from Chinese firms seeking to invest in nuclear power construction was adopted by the Czech Senate.

  • Foreign interference. IPAC Australia members have held briefings for parliamentarians globally on building anti-foreign interference legislation. IPAC members have led investigations into academic freedoms in universities under pressure from the Chinese government.


IPAC launches global #LetTaiwanHelp campaign, calls for Taiwan to take part in World Health Assembly

China sanctions IPAC Parliamentarians in retaliation for EU action on Uyghur abuses

IPAC Parliamentarians call on governments internationally to condemn China bullying and show solidarity with Australia

IPAC leads global campaign to buy Australian wine in stand against Chinese government bullying