On the obstruction of the democratic process ahead of the 2020 Hong Kong Legislative Council elections

The decision to disqualify democratic candidates and the anticipated delay to September’s Legislative Council elections represent unacceptable obstructions of the democratic process in Hong Kong and raise further concerns about the erosion of rights and freedoms in the city.

After the widely condemned imposition of the National Security Law, these actions represent a further curtailing of Hong Kong’s way of life and will exacerbate existing grievances in the city at a time of increased tension.

We urge the international community to meet this further diminution of Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms with a proportionate response.

Andrew Hastie MP (Australia)
Senator Kimberley Kitching (Australia)
Senator Eric Abetz (Australia)
Kevin Andrews MP (Australia)
Senator Alex Antic (Australia)
Senator Claire Chandler (Australia)
George Christensen MP (Australia)
Senator Raff Ciccone (Australia)
Daniel Mulino MP (Australia)
Senator James Paterson (Australia)
David Smith MP (Australia)
Senator Amanda Stoker (Australia)
Tim Wilson MP (Australia)
Garnett Genuis MP (Canada)
Hon. Irwin Cotler (Canada)
James Bezan MP (Canada)
Senator Leo Housakos (Canada)
Tom Kmiec MP (Canada)
David Sweet MP (Canada)
Jan Lipavský MP (Czechia)
Pavel Fischer MP (Czechia)
Reinhard Bütikofer (European Union)
Miriam Lexmann (European Union)
José Ramón Bauzà Díaz MEP (European Union)
David Lega MEP (European Union)
Senator André Gattolin (France)
Senator Olivier Cadic (France)
Isabelle Florennes MP (France)
Constance Le Grip MP (France)
Margarete Bause MdB (Germany)
Michael Brand MdB (Germany)
Daniela De Ridder MdB (Germany)
Gyde Jensen MdB (Germany)
Johannes Vogel MdB (Germany)
Senator Roberto Rampi (Italy)
Representative Shiori Yamao (Japan)
Representative Gen Nakatani (Japan)
Senator Hiroshi Yamada (Japan)
Mantas Adomėnas MP (Lithuania)
Simon O’Connor MP (New Zealand)
Louisa Wall MP (New Zealand)
Ann-Sofie Alm MP (Sweden)
Elisabet Lann (Sweden)
Maria Nilsson MP (Sweden)
Yves Nidegger MP (Switzerland)
Fabian Molina MP (Switzerland)
Nicolas Walder MP (Switzerland)
Senator Marco Rubio (USA)
Senator Bob Menendez (USA)
Representative Mike Gallagher (USA)
Senator Mark Warner (USA)
Representative Ted Yoho (USA)
Sir Iain Duncan-Smith MP (UK)
Baroness (Helena) Kennedy QC (UK)
Lord (David) Alton (UK)
Chris Bryant MP (UK)
Alistair Carmichael MP (UK)
Rosie Cooper MP (UK)
Judith Cummins MP (UK)
Gareth Davies MP (UK)
David Davis MP (UK)
Nusrat Ghani MP (UK)
Tim Loughton MP (UK)
Craig Mackinlay MP (UK)
Anthony Mangnall MP (UK)
Baroness (Catherine) Meyer (UK)
Tom Randall MP (UK)
Bob Seely MP (UK)
Andrew Selous MP (UK)