IPAC Weekly Newsletter: 04 December 2020

IPAC launched a campaign to buy Australian wine in solidarity with the country as it endures a fresh round of sanctions from China. Our viral video, featuring IPAC members from 12 countries, has been covered widely in international media including the BBC, CNN and the Guardian.

The campaign received support from the White House National Security Committee and Taiwan representatives, while Chinese state media outlet the Global Times issued heavy criticism. 

IPAC co-chairsUffe Elbæk MP and Katarina Ammitzbøll MP were instrumental in securing the safe passage of Hong Kong activist Ted Hui to Denmark. Hui had feared he faced potential life imprisonment under pending charges in Hong Kong. 

European Union
IPAC co-chairs Reinhard Bütikofer MEP MEP addressed the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, calling for greater cooperation between democratic countries in response to the China challenge.

IPAC members launched a cross party urgent appeal to the Italian government. The parliamentarians called for the prioritisation of arrested Hong Kong activists and expelled lawmakers in bilateral and multilateral relations with China.

IPAC co-chairs Rep. Shiori Yamao and Rep. Gen Nakatani led a cross-party statement criticising the sentencing of Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam. See also the IPAC statement on the sentences. 

The Netherlands
IPAC co-chair Martijn van Helvert MP questioned the Foreign Affairs Minister on what guarantees had been sought on the security and integrity of sensitive data stored in planned new UN data centres in China. 

New Zealand
Simon O’Connor MP and Louisa Wall MP led criticism of the Chinese government’s “coercive diplomacy” towards Australia, and condemned Chinese officials sharing of an inflammatory and doctored image of an Australian soldier on social media. 

IPAC member Ann-Sofie Alm MP addressed the Polish parliament on the persecution of the Falun Dafa and other minorities in China.