IPAC Newsletter 28 May 2021

IPAC Global
IPAC released a statement in response to the passing of Hong Kong’s ‘patriot’ electoral reform laws. IPAC condemns attempts to turn Hong Kong into a fabricated and hollowed out democracy and calls on governments to take joint punitive economic actions to hold the Chinese government accountable.

European Union
Over 20 IPAC members representing nine EU Member States signed a letter led by Engin Eroglu MEP urging the EU to offer a lifeboat scheme for Hong Kongers fleeing persecution. The signatories called on the Council and Commission to open a special visa route for Hong Kongers to work and study in Europe.

IPAC MEP Anna Fotyga called for increased engagement between the EU and Taiwan, at the launch of the first European Parliament report dedicated to EU-Taiwan relations. 

Reinhard Bütikofer MEP, IPAC Co-Chair, backed calls for 10 EU Member States to terminate extradition agreements with China and Hong Kong to protect exiles in Europe, saying that “we cannot allow the long arm of the Chinese state to reach into the heart of our European democracy.”

Italy’s Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously adopted a motion issuing the “strongest possible condemnation” of human rights abuses taking place in the Uyghur region. The motion, led by IPAC Italy Member Paolo Formentini MP, labelled the Chinese government’s actions as Crimes Against Humanity. 

Efforts led by IPAC members to re-think Japan’s human rights diplomacy through Magnitsky-style sanctions and supply chains due diligence were covered in Asahi Shimbun, in an interview with IPAC adviser Akira Igata. 

United Kingdom
Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP and Nus Ghani MP made interventions highlighting the impact of China’s National Intelligence Law on the UK’s telecommunications infrastructure. Both led calls for the government to block firms obliged to pass on sensitive data to foreign governments from the UK’s network. 

IPAC Member Lord David Alton secured a debate in the House of Lords on bringing perpetrators of Genocide to justice. Lord Alton called for the government to give UK courts universal jurisdiction on Genocide cases.