IPAC Newsletter 24 September 2021

MPs CALL FOR CHINA DIRTY INVESTMENT RETHINK: A new report from Hong Kong Watch has revealed Western pension and sovereign wealth funds invest billions in Chinese firms complicit in the abuse and surveillance of Uyghurs, including many firms already placed on US Government blacklists. IPAC Australia Senator Kimberley Kitching and New Zealand MP Simon O’Connor led calls for investments to be examined for complicity Uyghur abuses. The AustralianNewsroom NZ

JAPAN ELECTORAL CANDIDATES DEBATE MAGNITSKY LAWS: IPAC Japan joined a coalition of NGOs asking candidates for the LDP Presidential election to clarify their position on proposals to introduce a Magnitsky-style human rights sanctions regime. Three out of the four candidates expressed their support for the legislation. Huffington Post.

UK PM RESPONDS TO IPAC G7 CALLS: Prime Minister Boris Johnson wrote to Sir Iain Duncan-Smith MP and other IPAC G7 co-chairs expressing his support for efforts to remove forced labour from global supply chains, with reference to the Uyghur Region. The letter was a response to a joint letter from IPAC members ahead of the G7 Summit earlier this year. Full text of letter.

CALLS FOR STRONGER LITHUANIA – TAIWAN TIES: IPAC Lithuania MP Dovilė Šakalienė urged Lithuania to deepen its relationship with Taiwan, following Chinese government threats to escalate punitive trade sanctions on Lithuania. The intervention comes after IPAC launched a global campaign calling for democratic states to assist Taiwan and Lithuania amidst pressure from Beijing. Radio Taiwan International.