IPAC Newsletter 17 December 2021

US SET TO BAN XINJIANG IMPORTS: The House of Representatives unanimously backed legislation which will impose a presumptive ban on all imports from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region unless importers can provide proof that their goods are free from Uyghur forced labour. The moves, led by IPAC Co-Chair Senator Marco Rubio, follows reports that Uyghur forced labour is widespread in international cotton and solar panel supply chains. The Guardian.

BELGIUM JOINS DIPLOMATIC BOYCOTT OF BEIJING OLYMPICS: The Belgian Federal government confirmed that senior officials will not be attending the Winter Games in light of the Chinese government’s severe human rights abuses. The announcement, in response to calls made by IPAC co-chair Samuel Cogolati MP, means Belgium joins the US, UK, Canada, Australia and others in staging a diplomatic boycott of the Games. Newsweek.

IPAC LEADS GLOBAL PUSH TO BLOCK EXDTRADITION OF UYGHUR ASYLUM SEEKER: IPAC members in Canada, Denmark, France, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, the UK, USA and European Parliament have written to their respective Moroccan Embassies raising the case of detained Uyghur Idris Hassan. This week the Moroccan Court of Cassation approved Idris Hassan’s extradition to P.R. China, despite a succesful campaign from IPAC members to remove an INTERPOL Red Notice held in his name. South China Morning Post.

GROWING PRESSURE ON FRANCE TO REVERSE BEIJING OLYMPIC REPRESENTATION: Over 15 French Senators and Députées have joined a letter led by IPAC members urging Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu to backtrack on plans to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, amid growing calls for a coordinated EU response to the Games. Text of Letter.

UK HOUSE OF LORDS DEBATES RESPONSE TO UYGHUR TRIBUNAL: IPAC member Lord (David) Alton asked the UK government to consider its obligations under international law to act to protect groups at serious risk of Genocide. Lord Alton’s intervention referenced the judgment of the independent Uyghur Tribunal, which last week concluded that the Chinese government is perpetrating Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity against Uyghurs. Link to debate.