IPAC Newsletter 16 April 2021

IPAC Global
US Senator Mark Warner briefed over 20 IPAC members on China’s growing technological dominance in a meeting chaired by Senator James Paterson. Discussions centred on supply chains resilience, cyber security and coordination between democratic countries to develop new technologies. 

IPAC Co-Chair Senator James Paterson spoke out against Anti-Asian racism, saying it is “morally abhorrent” to blame the Chinese people for the actions of the Chinese Communist Party, as covered by the Sydney Morning Herald.

European Parliament
IPAC MEPs Miriam Lexmann, Riho Terras and Anna Fotyga led a cross-party letter supporting trans-Atlantic cooperation on telecommunications development in Central and Eastern Europe. The signatories call for alternatives to China’s 5G technology, citing security concerns.

Engin Eroglu MEP gave his support to efforts led by IPAC Italy members to declare China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims as a Genocide, in an interview with Formiche

IPAC Co-Chair Rep. Gen Nakatani urged Japan to ratify the Genocide Convention and implement a Magnitsky-style targeted sanctions regime as part of a renewed “human rights diplomacy”. Read the full interview with Axios.

United Kingdom
An Urgent Question debate on Chinese government sanctions on UK citizens was secured by IPAC member Tim Loughton MP. Seven IPAC members spoke in the debate, calling for the UK to strengthen its modern slavery legislation and to rule out future trade agreements with China until sanctions are lifted. Watch the highlights of the debate here. 

Elsewhere IPAC member Yasmin Qureshi MP called for the UK to ban the import of forced labour tainted cotton from Xinjiang and Lord Alton raised the case of jailed Hong Kong activists Joshua Wong and Koo Sze-yiu in the Lords. 

Over 20 IPAC MPs and Peers joined a statement calling on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to issue sanctions on Hong Kong officials responsible for the crackdown on the pro-democracy movement in the city, as covered by the BBC

United States
IPAC Members Senator Marco Rubio and Senator Chris Coons proposed bi-partisan legislation expediting refugee applications for those fleeing persecution in Xinjiang. 

The Uyghur Human Rights Protection Act would grant Priority 2 refugee status to Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and other minority groups.