IPAC Newsletter 15 October 2021

£1BN UK FUND FOR AFRICAN PORTS: UK investment in ports in Egypt, Senegal and Somaliland will aim to counter to China’s influence in the region. The move follows IPAC calls ahead of the 2021 G7 Summit for democracies to fund infrastructure development alternatives to the Belt and Road Initiative. The Telegraph.

IPAC LEADS PARLIAMENTARY SUPPORT FOR TAIWAN: IPAC Senator Lucio Malan gave an address to the Taipei Representative Office in Rome to mark Taiwan’s National Day celebration, rejecting the Chinese Communist Party’s claim to sovereignty over the island. IPAC France députée Frédérique Dumas gave a statement calling for greater solidarity with Lithuania and Taiwan as they come under increasing pressure from Beijing. 

PUSH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS CLAUSE IN SWISS-CHINA TRADE DEAL: IPAC MP Fabian Molina backed efforts to insert human rights and labour rights clauses into the Switzerland-China Free Trade Agreement. The amendments were supported by the Foreign Policy Commission but rejected by the National Council. SRF News.

TIANANMEN MASSACRE STATUE REMOVAL CONDEMNED: IPAC MP Uffe Elbaek led international outcry at the planned removal of the ‘Pillar of Shame’ monument from its current exhibition at the University of Hong Kong. The moves are the latest in efforts to crackdown on Hong Kong’s commemoration of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. ArtNet News.

CALLS FOR AUDIT OF ASSETS BELONGING TO CHINESE OFFICIALS: IPAC peer Lord Alton urged the UK government to carry out an audit of UK assets held by Xinjiang Party Secretary Chen Quanguo and Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam following abuses in the Uyghur Region and Hong Kong. Neither individual has been subject to the UK’s human rights sanctions regime. 

UYGHUR ACTIVIST FIGHTS MOROCCO EXTRADITION: Uyghur activist Idris Hasan continues to await the outcome of an extradition request from China being considered by the Moroccan government. An Interpol Alert was withdrawn after advocacy from IPAC members across 16 legislatures. IPAC Ireland Senator Malcolm Byrne has since raised the case with the Moroccan Ambassador in Dublin. South China Morning Post.