IPAC Newsletter 12 February 2021

IPAC Global 
Over 50 IPAC MPs representing 16 legislatures signed a letter to HSBC Chairman Mark Tucker requesting the immediate unfreezing of bank accounts belonging to exiled former Hong Kong legislator Ted Hui and his family, as covered in the Guardian.  

IPAC co-chair Samuel Cogolati MP tabled a resolution calling on the Belgian government to declare China’s persecution of Uyghur Muslims a ‘genocide’. The resolution, which will be debated in the coming weeks, also urges the Belgian government to reject the EU-China CAI investment deal unless forced labour standards are met and to suspend the Belgium-China extradition treaty. 

A resolution tabled by IPAC member Gyde Jensen on Hong Kong has progressed to the Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid in the Bundestag. The resolution calls on the German government to press for EU human rights sanctions on Chinese officials responsible for the crackdown in Hong Kong and to press for a renegotiation of the EU-China investment deal to meet internationally agreed standards on forced labour. 

United Kingdom 
A ‘genocide amendment’ to the Trade Bill proposed and backed by IPAC members was narrowly defeated in the House of Commons, after the government moved to block a direct vote on the amendment. IPAC member Lord Alton has committed to re-tabling the amendment in the Lords, looking to give UK High Courts the powers to judge on genocide cases. 

IPAC member Chris Bryant MP urged the British Olympic Association request a venue change for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in light of genocide allegations in Xinjiang. 

United States
The bi-partisan Hong Kong Safe Harbor Act has been reintroduced by IPAC co-chairs Sen. Bob Menendez and Sen. Marco Rubio. The legislation seeks to ensure Hong Kong protestors at risk of persecution are eligible for priority refugee status.