IPAC Newsletter 10 September 2021

FRENCH SENATE EXAMINES THREATS TO ACADEMIC FREEDOM: An investigation led by IPAC co-chair Senator André Gattolin heard evidence from IPAC Australia Senator James Paterson on China’s attempts to influence higher education globally. The committee examined the pressure exerted by the Chinese government on its nationals studying abroad. Watch the full proceedings here.

SUPPORT FOR TAIWAN, AFGHAN UYGHURS IN UK PARLIAMENT: IPAC member Afzal Khan MP called on UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to act to protect Uyghurs in Afghanistan at risk of deportation by the Taliban to China, where they could face further persecution. IPAC co-chair Sir Iain Duncan-Smith MP urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reaffirm Taiwan’s rights to democracy and self determination in light of increasing pressure from Beijing.

CALLS FOR IRISH BROADCASTERS TO BLOCK BEIJING OLYMPICS PROPAGANDA: IPAC co-chair Senator Malcolm Byrne called on broadcasters not to provide a propaganda boost to the Chinese government in coverage of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, following growing international momentum behind calls for a diplomatic boycott of the games. Interview with RTE.

IPAC MEMBERS CONDEMN ARREST OF HONG KONG ALLIANCE LEADERS: Alarm at the further arrests of prominent pro-democracy activists under Hong Kong’s National Security Law where raised by IPAC members across the globe, with statements from the European Parliament’s Miriam Lexmann, US Senator Marco Rubio and Danish MP Uffe Elbaek.