IPAC Newsletter 09 April 2021

IPAC Global
IPAC led a statement signed by over 100 parliamentarians globally calling for the release of detained Hong Kong activist Andy Li. The signatories, representing 18 legislatures, committed to making urgent representations on Andy Li’s behalf to their respective governments. Full coverage here.

The Czech parliament adopted a resolution labelling China and Russia as “threats to national security”. A motion led by IPAC Co-Chair Senator Pavel Fischer will exclude Chinese state backed firms from taking part in Czechia’s nuclear power expansion.

A resolution tabled by IPAC Senators André Gattolin, Olivier Cadic and André Vallini calls for Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Organization, Interpol and multilateral forums on climate change and aviation. Read the full text of the resolution here.

IPAC Co-Chair Senator Malcolm Byrne called on the Irish government to raise concerns with the Chinese government after an RTÉ journalist was forced to flee China after facing legal threats and pressure from Chinese authorities.

A resolution labelling the Chinese government’s treatment of Uyghurs as a genocide was debated in Italy’s Foreign Affairs Committee. The resolution, proposed by IPAC member Paolo Formentini, will be voted on at a later date. 

IPAC Co-Chairs Rep. Shiori Yamao and Rep. Gen Nakatani have launched a cross-party grouping of 76 legislators looking to reform Japan’s human rights diplomacy. The group will discuss proposals for a Japanese Magnitsky-style targeted human rights sanctions regime. 

United States 
Senator Bob Menendez, IPAC Co-Chair, announced a bipartisan agreement on a new comprehensive China legislation for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to take up in the coming days. 

The Bill would authorize a broad range of human rights and civil society measures including supporting democracy in Hong Kong and imposing sanctions with respect to forced labour, forced sterilization, and other abuses in Xinjiang.