IPAC Newsletter 06 August 2021

AUSTRALIA ANNOUNCES MAGNITSKY LAWS: The Australian government will introduce legislation establishing a targeted human rights sanctions regime, following a cross-party campaign led by IPAC members Senator James Paterson, Senator Kimberley Kitching and Kevin Andrews MP. Earlier this week Senator Kitching’s Private Senator’s Bill pushing the government to bring forward the legislation was passed unanimously by the Senate. The AustralianABC News.

FAST-TRACK FOR HONG KONG VISAS: IPAC co-chair Senator James Paterson confirmed that the Australian Federal Government would be fast-tracking visa applications lodged by residents of Hong Kong, as part of efforts to provide safe haven for Hong Kongers fleeing repression in the city. SBS News.

IPAC MEMBERS DISCUSS CHINA’S GROWING INFLUENCE IN AFRICA: Parliamentarians from across the world met to discuss how democratic states should respond to the challenge posed by China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Africa. The discussion featured a panel including Chair of the US Congressional Executive Commission on China Senator Jeff Merkley, Ugandan MPs Lawrence Songa and Lucy Akello and Reinhard Bütikofer MEP, with Yasmin Qureshi MP as chair.